DELIVERY optimization & location modeling


PDC utilizes route analysis tools that provide advanced route optimization across a wide variety of planning scenarios from territories and master routes for all facets of DSD delivery or sales behavior.  An accurately developed sales and delivery strategy master plan entails a complex modeling process which considers fixed fleet costs, variable fleet costs, alternative delivery asset types, alternative product handling techniques in the trade, customer drop analysis, and customer frequency analysis.  PDC has the ability to determine the operating costs impacts of alternative distribution center or crossdock scenarios including the effect these changes have on route delivery.  


The ability to define the optimal number of delivery fleet, optimal mix of fleet asset types, handling techniques associated with each delivery asset type and cost structure is critical to developing the long-term sales and delivery strategy.  Challenging the rules of the current delivery system is a key step in continuing to quantify the impact of current service and sales behaviors, improve the total cost to serve the customer base with delivery changes, and maintain or improve customer service.  This is a much more holistic approach versus the historical miles minimization reroute scenario analysis of the past.  The PDC approach allows clients to quantify these impacts and make informed decisions about their business.